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Suitcase-DuetKVAM presents the performance

It is eccentric, musical, dynamic funny performance for all ages which consists of illusion tricks, pantomime and miniatures with puppets. So the performance could be a member of different festivals. Open air festivals, plastic theatre festivals and puppet theatre festivals as well.


Thats why it is easy to be understood to any spectator in any country of the world. The show visited 25 countries Finland, Korea, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Ireland, Bulgaria, Poland, France (also Corsica), Iran, Tunisia etc.

Show Duration - 55 minutes.


  • 2007 The 4th international festival of laugh in Casablanca (Morocco) GRAND PRIX
  • 2009 The International festival of the puppet theatres The puppet is a human being also in Warszawa (Poland) THE SPECIAL PRIX FOR THE HIGH QUALITY OF THE PERFORMANCE AND THE SPECTATORS SIMPATHY PRIX
  • 2010 - The International festival in Cottor (Montenegro) THE SPECIAL PRIX
  • 2013 - The International puppet festival in Ulan-Ude (Buryatia) GRAND PRIX
  • 2014 - The 11th International festival of laugh in Casablanca (Morocco) THE JURYS SPECIAL PRIX

One of the segment of the performance was invited to Paris to be shot for the world famous TV project MAJIC TV.

You can watch full award`s list at suitcase-dossier page.


  • The show performed by 2 actors
  • The show luggage is only 2 suitcases
  • The show can be performed on the theater stage as well as on open air.
  • The number of spectators up to 700 people


The Conditions for the show on the THEATER STAGE:

We prefer to settle with you about perform the show on some theater stage.

  1. About a stage. We need black (or dark) upstage circle, 3 plans black (of dark) sides and black (of dark) border. The colors of circles, sides and borders could be discussed.

  2. About the light. Were ready to discuss any versions of spotlights. This subject is depended of the stage.
    Varianty stage lighting:

  3. About the sound tracks.
    Usually weve got the flashcard with our music. So we need the notebook and all of equipments. And we need a sound maker to give us assistance with the music during the performance as well. Weve got only 4 musical tracks so its easy enough to assist us with the music.

  4. If its possible we need a translator from the country language in to the English. Itll be better if the translator speaks Russian.

  5. Other details

    • It takes 4 hours to prepare the performance.
    • It takes about 20-30 minutes to reinstall the performance.
    • We ask you about a dressing room and Iron. We also ask you about a pure water, tea and coffee in the dressing room.

For ease of transportation, you need to make a special table and benches for our show. Size and shape of table and benches on the photo and illustrations:


The Conditions of our performance in the open air

  1. Itll be better if there will be some stage

  2. We need black (or dark) upstage circle and the first plan of sides

  3. We dont care about the stage light (except if it is dark time)
    ppearance scenes, if we are playing in an open space:

  4. We ask a sound maker to give us assistance with the music during the performance. And we need all of equipments including the notebook and or something like this as well.

  5. Other details

    • It takes an hour to prepare the performance. But it takes more time in the dark time. In this case we need to prepare the spotlights.
    • It takes about 20-30 minutes to reinstall the performance.

Actually the show could be performed on the different stages even without any special equipments.

The receiving party provides us with travel, accommodation and meals. The question of the fee discussed in private correspondence via e-mail. Content for the handouts and posters can be send by e-mail on your demand.



We wait for your offers

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